Who we are

who_costapicCostas Coucoulis- founder & Chairman

Costa is also Director and Co-owner of Sanctuary Saadani Lodges, born in Burundi and studied in Athens,  Greece. His family still resides in Bujumbura, Burundi and has done so for 82 years running business and farming. Costa spent many years traveling around Africa, learning and appreciating the diversity of the continent and its people. It was during these travels that he discovered and fell in love with Saadani, which was then a game reserve hardly known to many other than the local communities. He experienced first hand the atrocities committed in the civil war that damaged Burundi and it was this combined with his genuine Love for Africa and its people that stimulated his Spirit to start up this non-profit making company.


20131202_141524 (1)Baraka Kalangahe – Director

Baraka is from western Tanzania but has been living and working on the coast for many years. Before joining SANA he has worked with different projects of coastal land management that all brought into attention of the community the importance of proper utilization of our resources. His interests include addressing the impacts being brought about through climate change and the relationship to sustainable community development. As an entrepreneur, pills Baraka also sees the need to ensure livelihood activities adequately serve the needs of the local people on a sustainable basis while respecting the integrity of the environment and thus is committed to the objectives of Kihembe as a means of achieving such balance.


who_markpicMark Evans- UK Representative

Mark is Representative of SANA in UK and advisor. Previously he was one of the directors and gave huge momentum to the initiation of SANA. He lived in Tanzania for ten years while working with Saadani Safari Lodge. He was born in the UK, raised in Tamil Nadu, India returning back to England for his studies. In his early twenties Mark travelled extensively through different parts of the world. It was during these travels that he discovered his passion for nature and respect for the natural environment. Mark is keenly interested in conservation and all forms of green technology.


who_chryssaChryssa Botou- overseas Managing Director

Chryssa was born in Germany where her Greek parents emigrated in the pursuit of a better life. In her early twenties she moved to London to study acting and went on to work in film, TV, Theatre and radio. During her studies and in the time since, Chryssa’s inquisitive personality enabled her to gain considerable experience in the fields of event organizing, journalism and PR, happily working for large corporate and private employers alike, including ex King Constantine of the Hellenes. In all her adult life Chryssa has been touched by the inequality that exists between the developed and developing countries and she is grateful for the opportunity of making a difference in redressing this.



Ally_profileAlly Abdallah- SANA Coordination Manager

Ally was born in Arusha, later on moved to Dar es Salaam for High School and further studies. Before he joined SANA, Business Administration and Journalism were his two fields of interest for his studies though he has a variety of experiences from working as a teacher as well as in Broadcasting. Ally is responsible for the day-to-day running of the office as well as coordinating with the local communities as well as the concerned government officials on the execution of the projects. He puts efforts to maintain strong bonds of communication between SANA and the communities. His understanding of the meaning of “life” has broadened from the experience of working with the communities where he has seen the challenge that the communities have in achieving earning their daily life and protecting environment simultaneously. His enthusiasm is to see the communities learn to live sustainably through application of entrepreneurial skills as a way to reduce pressure on the nature.


thomasThomas Wouters: SANA Bio projects – Consultant

Thomas was born in Belgium – Brussels – Where he studied Bio Engineer. He has participated in research projects Kinshasa DRC on the problematic of the erosion in urban area and at the Free University of Brussels in the department of Biological control and Spatial Ecology. He dedicated two years after his studies to supporting the SANA Bio project where he intensively taught the group sustainable agriculture and compost production.  He currently consults the progress of the activities while residing in Brussels.