Volunteer with SANA:

Volunteers planting trees at Saadani Primary School

SANA Volunteer Program is a multicultural platform offering an opportunity to people with knowledge and compassion towards Nature. The Volunteer Program seeks to bridge an existing knowledge gap by utilizing volunteers’ expertise in developing SANA’s projects.

SANA’s projects provide a room for volunteers to put their expertise in action, exchange knowledge with the local communities, and to become part of the solution.

The program brings together both local and international volunteers/interns to learn about the communities we work with, share their perspectives and develop strategies to improve the quality of life.

For more information on how to get involved as a volunteer or an intern, please contact us.


  • To make use of volunteers contributions¬†in achieving sustainable development.
  • To provide the best learning experience to volunteers so they can pioneer¬†social-economic development in their unique ways.