about_pic1-1Our vision

Our vision is to see a World where all living things co-exist in a sustainable and balanced relationship.
A World where the local communities live in Respect and Love for Mother Earth.

Our mission

To preserve areas of animal habitat and nature by applying sustainable technologies to reduce flora and fauna loss. This can be achieved with the collaboration of the local communities.

SANA is working towards this by investing in education and developing entrepreneurial ventures for the local communities and individuals to enable them to grow out of poverty and reducing the impact of human activities on nature.

Our objectives

  • To promote and run programs that provide alternative and environmentally sensitive energy solutions.
  • To initiate income generating activities/ventures that can support local communities in areas of health, education and sustainable development.
  • To raise awareness on issues that support the co-existence of all living things.
  • To initiate micro-financing and encourage grass root level entrepreneurship of the population.
  • To promote SANA’s vision of Love and Respect for Mother Nature.

 “Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts.” Rachael Carson.