A Retreat for the Soul

SANA works together with Kijani Collection Ltd and the Gongo village community in the preservation of the Miseni- Kikwati. The forest is one of the buffer zones around Saadani Ecological area and has a historical importance. There is a sacred hill that used to be a place for traditional prayers for different individual and social needs. It is said to have special powers that can touch the soul of a person who goes there.

However, there is a threat of constant expansion of farming plots and cutting down trees for timber and charcoal that is done by some people in the community or coming from neighboring villages. We work with the village leaders to get security for the area as well as spreading awareness on in the importance of protecting this area.

Volunteers and researchers who are interested to their studies can stay in this area. We also use the area to teach how communities can benefit from the forests through ventures like bee keeping.