What are the environmental threats that Tanzania faces?
Protected areas and biodiversity are increasingly threatened by unsustainable land and resource use practices. Poverty and social injustices have often driven local, indigenous communities to abandon traditional conservation practices, contributing to deforestation, soil erosion and wildlife habitat loss in and surrounding protected areas.Today there is a growing recognition that parks and local people need to partner for mutual well-being.


Can I donate to a specific project under SANA?
SANA gives a chance for everyone to donate to any project desired, what we need you to do is to identify which project your donation(s) should be directed to so please make your requests known when donating.


How does the community benefit from SANA?
SANA returns the benefit as well as the funds collected to the community in a number of ways through the projects carried out by SANA which includes: assistance on education expenses, assisting on medical expenses as well as still to come projects of construction of dispensary and sustainable lodge of Miseni.


Do you in anyway involve the government into your activities?
Yes we do involve the governmental authorities in to our activities, and we are looking forward to cooperating with the governmental and non governmental organisations as well in the variety areas and sectors of development.


Does SANA have any political or religious affiliation?
SANA is neither political nor religious


How can I know of what I donate is being used?
SANA is providing annual reports of the accounts which will describe the way the donations are being used.