School Programs

SANA collaborates with Saadani Lodge to support education in the Saadani community. With the aim of building a stronger foundation of education of Saadani children, we have been providing the school with school materials as well as materials needed for extracurricular.

The school was rebuilt by the Saadani Lodge whereas SANA has put effort to create a friendly learning environment. Also, we provide porridge for all students in weekdays.

SANA team holds annual events which give an opportunity to friends of SANA to join the students in different activities such as sports, educational challenges and exchanging ideas on environment issues. This is themed to challenge the students to dream bigger and beyond their village borders.

Individual Students Sponsorship

SANA connects donors with the students they want to support in their education and the sponsorship can be done through SANA. We do follow-ups in all school matters and provide reports to the sponsors. We also provide mentorship and counseling to the students to help them achieve their career aspirations.