Donate Expertise

SANA welcomes your opinion, time and expertise on the areas that we are working on. Donating expertise is an essential part of supporting the work of SANA and communities involved.
We depend on people with knowledge and skills in different areas to volunteer with us and help the communities and programs that we work with. Since we are a non-profit company, we are only able to use volunteers for now.
Please look at our programs to see if you would like to volunteer with us in any of the programs that we are working on. We welcome opinion and suggestions; please send all these to
SANA is currently looking for volunteers with knowledge and skills to work on Fish and Vegetable farming.

Donate resources

SANA is always looking for items that can assist the local communities here in Africa. Of particular use are educational tools and materials, medical items for dispensary, tools for farming, tools for sustainable technology and even sports for communities.
Please send all the items clearly marked to:
SANA- Save Africa’s Nature in Tanzania Ltd
P. O. Box 9840
Dar es Salaam,
We would recommend that you also send an email to so that we can track the package for you to ensure they reach their deserved end.
Note: Education system and medical needs for Tanzania might be different from that of your country. Please contact SANA through  before buying or sending items if you need clarification.

Donate Funds

You can funds directly to SANA through our bank account. We would like to ask you to get in touch with us through in order to give us more information. Please le us know how we can contact you, if you have any project preference that you wish for your donation to be allocated towards, the amount you have sent, and any other information or requests you have.
When donating through bank please ensure that the SWIFT code is included, we also advice you to print the details below for making the transfer.

Our account details:
Saving Africa’s NAture in Tanzania Ltd
P. O. Box 9840
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

For Tanzanian Shillings: A/C 014-6010032
For United States Dollars: A/C 014-6008801
For Euro: A/C 014-6007422

Our Bank Details:
Barclays Bank Tanzania Limited
Peugeot House, Bibi Titi Road
PO Box 5137
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
Tel: +255 22 2129257/ 2129383/2129375
Fax: +255 22 2129751

Corespondent Bank for  US Dollars:
Barclays Bank New York
Correspondent SWIFT Code: BARCUS33
Correspondent Account No: 050-03848-6
Sort code: 67 20 01 for Ohio branch

Corespondent Bank for  EURO:
Barclays Bank PLC London
Correspondent SWIFT Code: BARCGB22
Correspondent Account No: 62505999

Correspondent Bank for  GB Pounds:
Barclays Bank PLC – London
Correspondent SWIFT Code: BARCGB22
Correspondent Account No: 80464104

Note: Should you wish to donate directly towards the SANA Gongo Dispensary project  then please use either one of the accounts listed below:
SANA Gongo Dispensary
For Tanzanian Shillings: A/C 014 -6002323
For United States Dollars: A/C 014-6005985
For Euro: A/C 014-6004423
Our Bank Details, Bank Swift Code and Corespondent Ba