Matipwili Project

This project is in Matipwili village in collaboration with Mwendapole Group; a group of women that was formed in 2010 aimed at reducing poverty in the families. With the agricultural skills provided by our agricultural experts, the group produces vegetables and fruits.

The production site is just a step away from the Wami River that reduces complications in watering the fields. The soil is suitable for plants such as cucumber, squash, sweet melons, amaranths, tomatoes and green peppers; all produced in rotation manner and using organic compost that is friendly to the soil and helps to preserve environment.

The products are supplied to different places including the immediate market of tourist lodges available in the area and the local community.

The project is used as a point of knowledge sharing where by different volunteers with expertise in agriculture come to share their knowledge with the group. Also people from the community get to learn how to do sustainable agriculture for better and healthy products. The visit of the fields is one of the activities that can be done by people visiting the Saadani Lodge